We’ve tried to have a choice of regions and types of grape in our picks for wines, including a couple of locally grown wines – we hope you find something to appeal. The majority are supplied via Laithwaites, so you can always guarantee it’s good quality. We’ve had fun choosing them! This is just an example and choices will vary on a regular basis.

Red Wine

1      Le Croix Chateauneuf du Pape, 2012 (France)            £19.00

This is a rich concentrated wine with flavours of soft summer fruit through to dark chocolate. A food wine, at its best with flavoursome dishes but most of all when you want something a bit “special” and only the best will do.

2      Santa Ana, 2015 (Argentina)                                     £12.00

Lively ruby colour with the violet hues that typify this grape. Plum and cherry characters predominate on both nose and palate. Medium-bodied, with supple tannins and a pleasantly soft finish.

3      The Black Stump Shiraz, 2015 (Australia)                 £13.50

This wine has a deep, inky black colour with spicy, dark berry aromas. The voluptuous palate shows intense blackberry, liquorice and dark chocolate flavours, with spicy hints and sweet oak adding to a lingering, velvety finish.

4      La Croix de Bordeaux, 2014 (France)                         £15.00

This will appeal to Bordeaux fans for its charming fruit and supple tannins. Ripe, fruity notes of red and black berries; a hint of liquorice. Full flavoured and ripe, yet wonderfully soft and smooth.

5      Rodolfo Sadler Malbec, 2010 (Argentina)                   £14.50

This wine has an intense deep red colour; the nose and palate convey harmonious ripe blackberry and plum, underpinned by elegant smoke and vanilla notes from a deft touch of oak.

6      Hacienda de Lluna, 2015 (Spain)                               £15.00

Sweet berry fruits, lemon and a hint of spice. Beautifully balanced, light, tongue tingling and refreshing sweetness

7      Castillero del Diablo Cabernet Sauvignon, 2012 (Chile)      £15.50

A smooth, full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon with cassis and black cherry flavours, complemented by hints of coffee and dark chocolate.

8      Posada del Rey Tinto NV (Spain)                               £15.50

Fresh, plum and strawberry notes. Soft and supple, straightforward red berry fruit. Very quaffable. A Tempranillo brimful with irresistible soft berry fruit..

9      Lions Gate Cabernet Sauvignon, 2014 (South Africa)  £15.00

A well balanced wine with aromas of berry fruit, complemented by a hint of spice and subtle vanilla. A well balanced palate with a delightful aftertaste.

10    Corsiero Nero, 2015 (Italy)                                        £16.50

Sumptuous wild blackberry, violet and smoky vanilla complexity. Rich and velvety with intense black fruit and spice flavours

11    Campo Viejo Rioja Tempranillo, 2013 (Spain)            £14.50

This is Campo Viejo’s mature take on Rioja, with the wine having been aged for a year and a half in oak barrels and then for the same amount of time again in the bottle before being released. With its smoky black fruits and cinnamon spice, this is a lesson in how to age gracefully.

12    Rouge Homme – Limestone Coast, 2012 (Australia)   £14.50

This is an attractive medium-bodied red from SA’s Limestone Coast region. Cabernet characters of blackberry and cassis are enhanced by the soft fruit of Merlot. Vanillin mocha oak adds complexity.

13    Telegraph Station Pinot Noir, 2014 (Australia)           £14.00

This delicious Australian Pinot Noir is a fine example of the classic French grape at its best. Telegraph Station Pinot Noir is a soft, warming red with flavours of raspberry, black cherry and just a hint of spice.

14    El Pinsapo Rioja, 2009 (Spain)                                  £14.00

A classic smooth and easy drinking Rioja Reserva, with spicy aromas giving way to ripe blackcurrant fruits, with hints of vanilla on the palate.

We also offer wine by the glass at £3.50 per 175ml glass.


White Wine

1      Codorni Vintage Cava, 2009 (Spain)                          £14.00

Found in the Penedès region of Spain, Cordoniu is one of Spain’s top Cava producers and this is their vintage showing. Fresh, elegant and beautifully balanced, this is crisp and dry with layers of lemon and pear fruit. A touch of toast too.

2      Alma Andina, 2014 (Argentina                                  £13.50

Honeysuckle, spice, lemon and grapefruit. Fresh, tropical and stone fruit flavours. Hints of toasted almonds

3      Brancott Estate Sauvignon Blanc, 2013 (New Zealand)   £15.00

This wine is full of beans.  Not literally, of course, but such is its lively character that it practically jumps out of the glass with mouth-watering aromas of lemongrass and melon. Deliciously crisp and fresh, made from Sauvignon Blanc grapes grown in the Brancott Vineyard, in New Zealand’s Marlborough region.

4      Semillon, Hunter Valley, 2013 (Australia)                  £14.50

Hunter Semillons are world class, age brilliantly and are as beguiling as fine Burgundy.

5      Dino Soave, 2013 (Italy)                                           £13.50

Semillon is so often part of a blend, but when it takes centre stage, it can really sing. This one from Australia, is full of lovely lime fruit flavours, with some gooseberry and tropical fruit flavours too.

6      Kumala Chenin Blanc/Chardonnay, Semillon, 2014   £12.50

A medium-bodied, crisp white wine with aromas of ripe peaches and juicy nectarines.

7      Hardys Crest Chardonnay, 2012 (Australia)                 £9.00

This wine displays citrus and melon flavours, soft creamy texture and subtle oak characters.

8      Penarth Estate, Montgomeryshire Chardonnay, 2008 (Wales)      £17.00

Severn Chardonnay is a complex wine. Tropical fruits are the over-riding flavour and aroma. The gravel from the old river bed gives finesse to this unusual wine.

9      Don Cayetano Chardonnay, 2014 (Chile)                   £14.50

Pale greenish gold. Inviting aromas of lemon, melon and blossom with tropical hints. This wine has a creamy pineapple and peach with a good bite of citrusy freshness.

10    Optimist Chardonnay Viognier, 2013 (Australia)        £13.50

This is a cracking blend of Chardonnay and Viognier, bursting with ripe, sun kissed citrus and spicy peach fruit. Light and refreshing dry white wine with aromas of freshly cut grapefruit and pineapple with a hint of apple blossom. The taste is of super juicy citrus fruits with a luscious, rounded, peachy finish.

11    Roroa Sauvignon Blanc, 2014 (New Zealand)              £14.50

Roroa shares the same irresistible ocean freshness as Sauvignon from Marlborough, but being from the warmest spot in New Zealand you have a riper and softer style. Aromas are asparagus, freshly cut green apple, lime zest & orange blossom. Taste is a juicy ripe nectarine, apricots with mouth-watering citrus.

12    Dino Sparkling Vino Spumante “Durello”, 2009 (Italy)       £13.50

The Prosecco region, in northeast Italy, is the source of this light, deliciously frothy fizz. Made from the Glera grape, it’s full of lemon fruit flavours with delicate floral aromas.

13    Sierra Almiron Chardonnay, 2012 (Spain)                  £13.50

This fresh, yet creamy Chardonnay is a medium-bodied dry white wine, with classic peaches and cream nose with subtle mineral notes. Tastes of a tropical fruit, creamy and with racy minerality.

14    Telegraph Station Semillon, 2012 (Australia)             £17.50

Semillon is so often part of a blend, but when it takes centre stage, it can really sing. This one from Australia, is full of lovely lime fruit flavours, with some gooseberry and tropical fruit flavours too.

15    Pino Chardonnay Trentino, 2014 (Italy)                    £12.50

Il Pino Chardonnay is a pale straw colour with crisp green apple and tropical fruit notes, supported by hints of vanilla & honey, with a well balanced and elegantly proportioned with a long, fresh finish. For those who love the minerally style of Chablis but want a white for everyday drinking, Il Pino is a must. A pure Chardonnay from the hilly vineyards of northern Italy, it offers delicate lemon zest flavours with hints of green apple and lime.

16    Pinot Grigio – by the glass only


We also offer wine by the glass at £3.50 per 175ml glass.




1      Echo Falls White Zinfandel, 2013 (California)            £12.00

A lively and fruity rosé with aromas and flavours of strawberries and fresh summer berries such as raspberries and cherry.

2      Blush Pinot Grigio – by the glass only



We also offer wine by the glass at £3.50 per 175ml glass.



1      Budweiser 4.8% (440ml can)                                       £2.50

2      Strongbow Cider 5.0% (440ml can)                             £2.25

3      Black Sheep 4.4% (500ml bottle)                                £2.25

4      Doom Bar 4.3% (500ml bottle)                                    £2.50

5      Spitfire Premium Ale 4.5% (500ml bottle)                   £2.25

6      Stella Artois 4.8% (440ml can)                                    £1.75

7      Koparberg Cider, with strawberry and lime 4.0% (500ml bottle)      £2.30

7      Becks Blue (alcohol free 0.05%) (275ml bottle)            £1.50





Soft drinks

1      Fanta (330ml can)                                                         85p

2      Schweppes Tonic (150ml can)                                        75p

3      Canada Dry Ginger Ale (150ml can)                                75p

4      Coke (330ml can)                                                          85p

5      Diet Coke (330ml can)                                                   85p

6      Sprite (330ml can)                                                        75p

7      Tea or Coffee                                                             £2.00


Spirits (30ml measures)

1      Smirnoff Vodka                                                          £1.50

2      Gin

London Dry Gin                                                         £1.50

Bombay Sapphire Gin                                                 £2.50

This is a premium gin which is distilled and vapour infused, using hand selected exotic botanicals, and water from Lake Vyrnwy.


3      Whisky:

Drambuie Liqueur                                       £1.50

Glenfiddich, single malt (Aged 12 years)      £2.50

The Jacobite, blended finest Scotch whisky £1.50


4      Rum:

Lambs Navy Rum                                        £1.50

Bacardi White Rum                                     £1.50


5      Port:

Osborne Late Bottled Port 1997 (Bottled 2002)        £3.50

Late Bottled Vintage Port consists of a selection of full-bodied grapes from a single year. The fundamental difference between Vintage and LBV lies in how each is staged. The Vintage Port is aged in wood for only about 20 months, then transferred to the bottle where it will continue to age. The Late Bottled Vintage, as the English name suggests, is bottled later, remaining in wood between four to six years.

Dows Crusted Port (bottled 2002)                £1.50


6      Sherry:

Harvey Bristol Cream, sweet                       £2.00


7      Brandy:

Courvoisier Cognac VS                                £2.50





Note: We’re very happy for you to bring your own drinks for consumption in your room, the lounge or outside on the patio. However, if you decide to consume your own drink in the dining room when eating with us, there will be a corkage charge.