Evening Meals – Dinner Menu

Two course dinner @ £17.50 per head

Choose from either a starter or dessert, plus a main

Choice of Main Course:

Local Welsh lamb Steaks with mint sauce

Grilled local Welsh lamb leg steak, served with new or Dauphinoise* potatoes, seasonal vegetables, and either mint jelly or mint sauce, and a pouring gravy

Pork chops with Apple & Cider sauce

Locally reared pork chops or steaks, served with either new potatoes or chips, seasonal vegetables and a home-made apple and cider gravy

Chicken with Creamy Tarragon sauce *

Whole chicken breast served with a homemade creamy tarragon sauce, served with either new potatoes or mash and seasonal vegetables

Sea Bass with Mustard & Dill sauce * (p)

Fillets of Sea Bass, served with either new or mashed potatoes*, seasonal vegetables and a homemade Mustard & Dill sauce

Salmon Fillet with Parsley Sauce * (p)

Salmon fillet with a homemade parsley sauce, served with either new or mashed potatoes* and seasonal vegetables

Sirloin Steak + £3

Locally reared Sirloin steak, cooked to your taste, served with either chips or new potatoes and a seasonal vegetable assortment

Rib-eye Steak + £4

Locally reared Ribeye steak, cooked to your taste, served with either chips or new potatoes and a seasonal vegetable assortment


Homemade Cottage Pie *

Homemade pie cooked with mashed potato* using locally reared minced beef, served with seasonal vegetables & gravy

Homemade Fish Pie * (p)

Homemade fish pie, made with smoked haddock, salmon and prawns made with mashed potato* topped with cheese*, served with seasonal vegetables

Gwaenynog Bolognese

Homemade locally reared beef bolognese sauce served with a pasta of your choice – penne, linguini, tagliatelle or spagetti

Homemade Lasagne *

Homemade lasagne made with locally reared minced beef, peppers, onions, tomatoes and smoked paprika, served with garlic bread seasonal vegetables or a salad


Homemade vegetable lasagne, made with peppers, aubergine & tomatoes, served with garlic bread and seasonal vegetables or a salad (v)


Homemade Mushroom Risotto (v)

Porcini and mushroom risotto made with Arborio rice, served with cheese shavings, sautéed mushrooms, cream* and made with garlic & White Wine

Smoked Salmon, Asparagus & Avocado salad (p)

A simple salad of great ingredients served with a salad dressing of your choice: oil/vinegar, French dressing or Balsamic salad dressing

Caesar Salad

Cooked chicken breast served in the traditional way, with romaine lettuce, tomatoes and Ciabatta croutons, made with anchovies, Parmesan and garlic in the dressing

(We can also serve this as a vegetarian dish, without the chicken) (v)

Seafood Risotto (p)

Homemade mixed seafood risotto with prawns, calamari, mussels and scallops (depending on the season) cooked with Arborio rice and served with chopped parsley



Served only on Saturdays or Sundays

You can choose from anywhere on the menu at weekends, but we only offer roasts on Saturdays or Sundays

Traditional roast dinners: Roast Beef, Lamb, Chicken, Pork – served with roast potatoes, including a seasonal vegetable assortment. Choose a dessert from the main list.


NB: You can swap the Dauphinoise* for Boulangère Potatoes, which is made without any dairy.

Everything marked with * contains one of the main 14 allergens – for more details on these, head to our Allergens page.

Please note that Asparagus and Scallops are not always available, as we only offer them seasonally.


Choice of Dessert:


Homemade Bread & Butter pudding *

Homemade bread and butter pudding made with brandy or rum, including cream and milk, sultanas sprinkled with nutmeg – served best with cream

Homemade Sticky Toffee Pudding * GF

Traditional sticky toffee steamed sponge pudding, made with a sticky toffee sauce *

Chocolate Torte *

A rich chocolate mousse in a pastry base, served with a few raspberries *

Vanilla cheesecake (with fresh berries) * (v)

Thick and creamy, yet light, vanilla cheesecake, served with mixed berries (depending on the season) – usually best served with cream

Homemade Sherry Trifle *

Traditional sherry trifle made with sponge cake, jelly, sherry, custard and whipped cream – served in individual dishes

Lemon Tarte *

Classic lemon tarte, with short crust pastry, served with a few raspberries and cream

Lemon Meringue Roulade * GF

Light and lemony meringue, rolled into a roulade with cream. Best served on its own.

Blackberry & Apple Bakewell Tart * GF

Traditional Bakewell tart, with frangipane and sweet pastry, made with apples and blackberries. Delicious served with either custard or ice cream.

All served with either cream or ice cream, or perhaps custard



To add a starter + £4.50:



A selection of cold Italian-style meats, served with olives, sundried tomatoes & peppers, & crusty bread

Homemade Mushroom and Sherry Soup * (v)

A creamy blend of mushrooms, sweet potato, leeks and cream – with a dash of sherry, served with parmesan shavings and sautéed mushrooms

Pate with onion marmalade and toast

Classic Brussels pate served with red onion marmalade and either white or brown toast

Prawn Cocktail * (p)

The traditional classic, with king prawns, iceberg lettuce and Marie Rose sauce*

Warm salad of scallops & bacon, with Maple sauce

A delicious combination of sweet scallops and cured bacon/pancetta, cooked with Maple syrup and Dijon mustard & lemon juice – served warm with a few green salad leaves or watercress


Everything marked with * contains one of the main 14 allergens – for more details on these, head to our Allergens page.

p = suitable for Pescetarian  v = suitable for Vegetarians


Please note that Scallops are not always available, as we only buy when in season and from sustainably sourced producers, so just check with us first. Also, we only offer Asparagus in the spring, when they’re in season, and at their best!


All followed by:

Freshly brewed Tea or Cafetiere of coffee & Mint chocolates £2

Please note: As we’re not set-up with a restaurant kitchen, we ask that you choose the same main course, and we aim to serve at 7pm. We also ask that you let us know your choice at least 48 hours before arrival, as we buy & prepare specifically for your order. Should another guest request dinner first, we will let you know what they have chosen.