About us

When Norman and I met, we talked about running a B&B or perhaps a campsite, but it was a nebulous dream for some time in the future and which we didn’t really think about… However, when I was made redundant in 2008, we decided that maybe this was a sign for us to consider it.

Norman & Fiona

Norman & Fiona

So, on a brief visit to Shropshire for a family wedding, we decided to look in some estate agents windows. Well, once we started looking, we got excited at the prospect of moving and setting-up the B&B. Lots of people told us we were brave – after a while I started to wonder if they knew something I didn’t…

However, it took us nearly 12 months, plus an expansion of the search area, before we found somewhere that had everything: the peace and quiet of the countryside, some wonderful views, enough space to add camping and perhaps keep some animals further down the line, and most importantly, a house which would be welcoming for guests – as well as a lovely home for us… Well, we think it was worth the wait.


We were used as a case study in the Independent Newspaper back in 2011, just in case you were thinking about doing the same thing…