2nd blog

Thursday September 10th, 2009 |Fiona

OK, I will get a bit more original for the title of each blog… after this one.

Have taken delivery of the iron steam press, a specific purchase for the B&B. The plan is for me to practice using it and become expert by the time we open for business – everyone tells me that they are very good for general ironing – so this will be the acid test.

We have found a supplier for a toilet/shower unit for the camping site we intend to have. Hopefully they are cheap enough for us to have one, or that they do the right sort which can be slotted into the grounds and work for us. It will be easier than trying to build something specific, we think, especially if it will not need to go through the planning process.

Awaiting the builders quotes for the installation of the en-suites. That will give us the guide on what more we can do initially, as well as a great starting point. So far they have said they will be able to carry out the works and be finished by Christmas, which will help enormously. We want to get accredited and be on the lists for next year, and hope this means we’ll be there… only time will tell of course.

Meanwhile, we’re working through all the things that we need to do – i.e. get the removal people sorted so we can get the boxes to start packing. Its amazing, hubby and I have only been together for just over 3 years, and we seem to have a full library-worth of books together. When I moved out of my house most of it went into storage (we only live in a little cottage) so the move is similar to having 2 houses to move… And of course, we’ve been buying for the B&B, so we’ve had to call a stop to all that – not enough room!

So, until next time…