Monday September 7th, 2009 |Fiona

This is my very first blog, so bear with me…

Thought Id introduce us first. Hubby and I are really excited, as we will be buying a house in rural Wales to set-up as a B&B. Hope to exchange in the next week, with completion in mid-October. However, these things sometimes take a little longer than you think…

Even when we complete, we will then need to install the en-suites and carry out re-decorations – not that its badly decorated, but we want to change some aspects, and easier to do it when we’re not open yet!

The funny thing is, we’re on a very steep learning curve. Neither of us have lived so rurally before, so never had a cesspit and also it has its own spring-fed water supply – so the legals have taken a bit more input for that – but it tastes wonderful! No limescale in the kettle for us when we move!!!

I have been twittering for some time now, learning a bit from other B&B owners, as well as getting to know some folk near where we are moving to, so really looking forward to the move.

We were there for a week from the August bank holiday, and although the weather was pretty rubbish, it didn’t dampen our enthusiasm for the place… anything but. The sheer beauty of the area, the dramatic scenery and great light that you get, as well as the peace and quiet, means we slept well and have struggled since our return. Although we enjoy the facilities of being in a small town (village really) the downside is the traffic noise we get. Looking forward to leaving that behind.

Anyway, I think that will do to start with… will update regularly. I promise!