On tenterhooks…

Monday September 21st, 2009 |Fiona

It’s amazing how long a fairly straightforward process can be extended and lengthened by the vagaries of house-buying… did that make sense even? As you can probably tell we’re still waiting to exchange – although we are hopeful it will be this week. We went back up over the weekend, meeting another builder-type for groundwork – I think I already mentioned that. Anyway, that should be interesting when they get back to us…

However, the weather was fantastic – even both caught the sun a bit. We took the dogs for a walk twice – once with the lead – so that they can get used to us. Not sure if I’ve mentioned, but we’re “inheriting” the dogs. The current owner does not want to take them into town with them, as they are used to lots of space and quiet. They are yard/house dogs, rather than farm dogs, but they are used to the farm. Anyway, we are having to learn all about the dog whisperer, as that is the rules by which they have been trained, so need to keep that up. Fascinating watching a programme of his on Sky, as he has a very unusual way of dealing with dogs.. I’ll leave you to look him up if you’re interested. They do seem to be getting used to us, as they barely barked when we pulled in on Saturday. On Sunday, Bonnie barked at me a bit – I was wearing a peak to shade my eyes from the sun, and she was a bit confused, so I removed it and she was fine. So, when I put it back on when stroking her, she quickly got used to it… Funny how little things can upset them.

Hubby and I have started packing the house… Already need to go and get some more packing paper, tape and smallish boxes. Only done some of the “knickknacks” in the lounge and landing. So, long way to go yet. It works out we have 3 weekends left if we get the completion date we’re working towards… yikes, that’s coming up quick!

Anyway, thats a brief update for now – more to follow.