The joys of house buying

Thursday September 17th, 2009 |Fiona

Well, the joys of house buying are well documented, but sometimes they seem to be conspiring against us. Shouldn’t complain really, but of course we are keen to get a move on!! We’ve been having some fun with insurances and establishing the exact dates of the build of the house, as it is pretty old in parts and had a huge extension built mid 1800, then a complete refurb in the late 80’s with new electrics, etc., so hopefully all now resolved.

In the meantime, I have been having some success with the new steam press iron. There are some things it cannot do as well – for example my skirts, as they flare out and although i did one yesterday, and it turned out fine, it took ages. Also, my linen blouse needs to have an iron, to get around the buttons. Apart from that its brilliant – can get twice as much done as using a normal iron, and it does the sheets brilliantly. A worthy investment!

Still not received the quotes from the builders, but we will chase. We’re back up there this weekend meeting another chap who is a groundwork specialist; we need him to help with the access road for camping, building a concrete base for the static caravan and do some major landscaping to help with planning for that. In addition, we will need to create a bit of a car parking area – we don’t want everyone parking on the forecourt, as that is not the entrance we want the guests to use… They will use the front door!

We have a few more bath stuff trials now, so we can make our minds up. All have some form of personalisation, so we can get our name on all the packaging – and even sell it if people like it enough!!! Who knows, it could be a whole new income stream… Trouble is so far, neither of us has agreed on the same one, which is presenting a problem. I think I have already said here that we will ask for some comments from friends – that might be the arbitration!

I’ve realised that I’ve mentioned static caravan here, but not before… The reason for this is that we will want somewhere for our guests and visitors to stay – so it doesn’t impact on the business. Although during our shoulder or winter months, they will stay in the house – and if we can, with the planning, we will rent it out during the summer. The planner has already advised on what we need to do to landscape the area to gain approval – hence the meeting with the groundworks guy…

So, perhaps I’ll leave more for another time.