The packing begins

Sunday September 13th, 2009 |Fiona

So, we collected the boxes required for our move on Friday and headed to the storage unit to sort out the stuff which was not in boxes – we had a lot when we de-cluttered the house when we put it on the market – which we thought would not take long. Well, we were in for a surprise. By the time we pulled everything out and checked the weight of boxes (carriers now wont move anything they deem too heavy!) we were there till after 3pm – having arrived at 10am, we were glad to have taken some fruit, crisps and a drink! But everything is now sorted – we even got rid of some stuff, by giving a metal cabin bed to our best friends for their eldest son.

It was not a great day really, all things considered, firstly before we left – in fact, just as we were leaving – I fell down the stairs, resulting in a badly bruised knee and some rather interesting aches – which is why we didn’t get to the store till 10am. Then to cap off the day, we had a flat battery at the store, meaning we had to call out the AA. They took 1½ hours to arrive, so a bit boring – and uncomfortable, as my back and knee and shoulders, etc., etc. were all starting to complain!!! Took a walk to a nearby pub for a couple of bottles of water – we had definitely not taken enough! Finally got home, after dropping off the cabin bed, at about 6.30pm. So a very long day!

Today, Sunday, we’re going back to storage, to reshuffle things a bit – we chucked the rubbish back in when we decided to call it a day – and remove that and the spare boxes. We have a few things at home which can go in the store, as they are taking up valuable space at home – we need to bring everything down from the loft, as carriers will not go up a non-attached ladder…! We will then start on the house. Although not yet exchanged, we need to make a start on all that…

Meanwhile, we are trialling bath stuff. We want to have something which is lovely, but it needs to satisfy both hubby and I… and we’re gonna give some to friends to comment on, as they have travelled extensively in hotels and will give an impartial comment or two. Just so we’re not working in isolation – outside impartial feedback will be useful.

As for me, I ache something chronic today. Have to say that I am lucky, as it could have been a lot worse. Nothing was broken (I don’t think!) and I am able to walk and do most things – however, the aches from yesterday have gone, but others have shown up!!! Ah well, will have to take it easier today. Don’t think I’ll be playing golf today!!!

So, until next time…