Another milestone

Friday October 2nd, 2009 |Fiona

Well, things are taking their own sweet time… we signed the contracts on Tuesday – so, another milestone reached. We hoped that meant we would be exchanging on the house purchase Wednesday or Thursday at the latest. The delays are related to our buyers, who are waiting for probate to be sworn in (I think that’s the right terminology), so they have the funds to complete… ah well, might be 13th, 14th or even 27th October before we complete. Part of me would like it to be 27th, so there’s more time for things, but the other part cannot wait to get going. I think my reasoning is admitting to a little nervousness – new area, making new friends, setting up a new house, then setting up a new business. A lot to do all at once, and I think I’ve mentioned before – the collywobbles kick in every now and then…

We plan on running a blog on the B&B website, but that can wait till we’re up and running and the website goes live, so this one will have to do until then. I intend to try and post piccies of the before/during/after all the works, as well as a few views from the house… at least it will give you a flavour of why we’re buying it in the first place!

So – update on Friday – still not exchanged, but hopeful. Apparently family member is prepared to lend our buyer the balance to complete, but wants something from the probate solicitor that they will get their money back! Not unreasonable I have to say, but I wish they would just get a move on!!

We’re off up there again today, taking my Dad with us to see the place. We also hope to play some golf at the club we are likely to frequent most often once we’re there…. depends on the weather though! Forecast is a bit gloomy – and worse than that, its due to be windy. That makes playing hard work – worse than rain really. (Although I am not a happy golfer when its raining…8-( so, fingers crossed)

We have been packing again all week – the house looks dreadful, with boxes piled everywhere and things half-done – waiting on more boxes of similar stuff to collect them all together – and the walls are mostly bare. So a bit sad really, but we’ve certainly broken the back of the bulk of it. It’s only the kitchen stuff we’re using now, plus the linens and clothing which still needs to be sorted. A job well done, even if I say so myself!

Sorry I waited so long to update, but I was waiting for some good news to report – still dont have it, but at least now you know why! Best get myself packed in the car and head off – got lots of miles to do today.