Penultimate step…

Sunday October 4th, 2009 |Fiona

Well, I am glad to report that we have finally exchanged. This happened late on Friday, when we were heading to Wales… a quick call to the removal firm to confirm the date was still OK for them to move us, and we were on our way.

The completion date is going to be 14th October, so we need to get our skates on!! That’s a week Wednesday!!! Yikes, coming up fast. So, might not get to update this Blog much over the coming week or so, but at least you will know we’re busy and more importantly, why!

The weekend was a bit mixed tho, as the weather on Saturday was almost exactly as they said – showers and cloudy, but high winds. We did go and play golf, but when my Dad and I got to the second green, the heavens opened (as my Mum used to say) and we were soaked. Although I had my golfing wets on, Dad’s were still at the self catering place we were staying at (I know, silly place for them to be!) so he was playing in a jacket and cardigan. Anyway – we decided to call it a day, but Norman and the other two carried on – oh we wished we had too, as the sun came out about 20 minutes later and was beautiful for the next 2 hours. Still gusty winds, but lovely nonetheless. Ah well, there will be other times once we’re up there.

Saturday evening we went out for dinner with our vendors, to celebrate exchanging… went to Revells in Welshpool, which was a lovely location. Will definitely be going back there, but also, they offer a quick supper before going to the cinema next door – so, might be something for us to enjoy (or our guests once we’re open); but also, they have live music on a fairly regular basis, so combined with the excellent food, it will be on our list of recommendations as well as somewhere for us to go too.

The dogs were very blasé about us when we arrived, so hopefully that means they are getting used to us, but only time will tell whether they do. I suppose so long as we feed them, exercise them and offer enough affection, they will adapt. I hope so…

We also hope we have got our builder decided… we got the final quote whilst we were up there, so we have some decisions to make – primarily on price, but a very close second is how quickly they can get the work done! We’re aiming to get all the works done and get the grading assessor in to see us before Christmas, so we’re on a tight schedule! Fingers crossed, and I will update our progress here.

OK, off to open the bottle of champagne to celebrate with my husband… à bientôt.