Settling in

Saturday October 31st, 2009 |Fiona

Well, things have settled down a bit now, with a little routine starting. Although we had our friends stay for the weekend, it was a relaxing visit – apart from poorly children (and dogs!). It was great to spend some uninterrupted time with them and have them relax as much as they said they did… Their kids loved taking the dogs for walks too. The dogs certainly missed them when they left, having me fuss over them as much as I normally do is no comparison to three children constantly fussing… they recovered though.

With Norman away this week, I settled into a routine of getting up and immediately letting the dogs out for their first visit – then fed them whilst I shower. Then while I have my breakfast, they get to settle their breakfast down… seems to be working. Then when I have done some work, whether unpacking boxes or changing sheets/vacuuming as this week, and am ready for my tea/coffee break, I take them for a short walk – between 15-30 minutes, depending on what the weather is like. Then back for more of the same – managed to do most of my ironing in just over an hour, apart from a few things which need the normal iron… still cannot get over how quickly I do that ironing with my steam press. Sorry to go on about that – but it’s still staggering me!

We are slowly getting organised – Norman went into male domain mode today, getting his tools and things all organised. It looked like he was having fun, putting things in their place. We now have all the books out on the shelving unit, so at least we can find things now… In particular we need the bird books available, to try and establish what bird is what on the table outside. Our vendor left a couple of tins of bird feed behind, so we have been filling up the units for them. Have had nuthatches and tits, as well as a few robins visiting; even noticed some wrens which are a delight; however, it was the greater spotted woodpecker which surprised me the most – I didn’t realise they fed from nutbags or bird tables even, so it has been a revelation already. Will try and get a decent photo to put here, so you can see what I mean.

I even bought 2 books today, a 1977 cookery book with some interesting recipes (and ones I remember from childhood) and one on fish. I bought them when I went to the coffee morning at the local community hall, where they have tabletop bric-a-brac and cakes, etc. on sale. Met a few more of the neighbours too, as well as our local councillor. (Hope I can remember everyone’s name… and that they have patience with us whilst we learn them all!) It was pretty busy there, but it’s not normally quite so well attended they tell me: its assumed that the caravanners from local parks were visiting, due to it being half term or something. It was great to see it so lively though – they have them once a month apparently, so I will be going again.

We went shopping for some bits this afternoon – need some wood for shelving we are putting up in the utility room (for the bed linen when we’re up and running) as well as in the wardrobe in the study. Sadly we have come to somewhere that has DIY places, but they are not open on Sunday, which we expected, but the surprise was they close at lunchtime on Saturday… who’d’ve thought? Has been another revelation. I think we will be having a few of those! Charming, but slightly galling when you plan to do something and you’re used to access regularly and easily. Ah well, another something to get used to.

Managed to have our first fish and chip supper tonight, although I think it didn’t travel well, as the batter was a bit soggy, but the dogs enjoyed the leftover chips! So, am now sitting typing this whilst watching recorded programmes (Coast, Life, for example) whilst Norman is dozing on the sofa beside me and occasionally putting another log on the fire. Life doesn’t get much better than this I dont think….

Till next time… arrivederci.