Time goes too quickly

Friday October 9th, 2009 |Fiona

It’s amazing how quickly time goes by when you have a deadline to do things… I realise I have done a lot of moves at work, even moving my own office! However, when it’s your own house, and you are moving a little further than down the road, it seems to magnify. Sadly, I ended up with a migraine this week – must’ve been the build-up of stress before exchange and the constant worry that suddenly something could happen to stop us. As hubby said, we needed me to be at least working on 2 cylinders this week! Anyway, bought some strong pills and hibernated for a day or so, and am now back on track.

Have ended up with trips down memory lane whilst packing… as I’m sure everyone does. One particular trip was looking at the photos of my Mum & Dad’s 50th wedding anniversary – poignant because we lost her earlier this year, and because she will not see our new home… Also found some old school photos of me, which I don’t think I have shown to hubby – nor will I, I think! Yuk maroon and grey was an awful colour combination!!! Ah well.

We are off out for dinner tonight with my step-children (they are adults really, or claim to be!) for a curry, so we will be saying goodbye to our regular haunt, as well as them. Should be good… Then on Saturday we are off to our local for some drinks – it’s the landlady’s birthday, so she has organised a duo to play (Martin & Darren – step-son and his friend) who have been playing together for nearly 5 years – they are good. They did a short stint at our wedding, so those who were there will know who we mean. So it will be a great treat and a send-off, but without us having planned anything! How cool is that..?

The house looks like a junkyard – boxes everywhere, furniture all askew to accommodate those boxes, and we’re living in a corridor to the kitchen. It will only get worse over the coming days… I know, it’s a necessary process but doesn’t mean I have to like it!

So, off to final appointment at the chiropractor – at least the one down here – will have to find one nearby when we’ve moved, as I will definitely need to continue with some treatments. And then off to meet the IT people who are designing our website… I need some tuition on how to manage the content – even if we don’t have the photos yet. We have arranged for a professional photographer to come to the house in January when all the en-suites are done and we have finished decorating, so that we can put on the website. Will link the site here when it’s got some content!

Best get on then. Might get to update before we move, but more likely once we’ve already gone… so arrivederci.