Two more sleeps

Monday October 12th, 2009 |Fiona

I cannot believe how much stuff we have… we ran out of boxes yesterday, so I am going to removers first thing this morning to collect more. As you can imagine, my concerns about the lorry not being able to hold everything have increased! At least the way they are collecting (house first, then storage) means that if they do run out of room, the storage can stay there for now, and Norman can bring back bits each week on his return to/from work. Hope we don’t have to do that though!

Our final night at our “local” was quite poignant – got upset when the landlady wished us luck and then I was even worse when Martin (Stepson) dedicated a song to his Dad and I (one of our favourites) and it took a while for me to calm down. I found it strange to be getting so upset, when we’re doing something we want – but Norman gave me a good reason… When I moved here, I was starting a whole new life with him, so I have been happy and therefore I am sad to be leaving. He’s right of course – I have been happy here and I am sad to be leaving…

So, rather than end here on a sad note, I’ll tell you our plans for the next couple of days: packing for rest of the today; try and schedule a visit to my Dad this pm; out for dinner tonight with Vicky (Stepdaughter) and Holly; then tomorrow we are with the removers; and tomorrow night we are at our friends for a Chinese… cannot think of a better place to spend our last night, than at our best friends.

Definitely this is my last post in the old homestead… hope you’ve enjoyed our journey to here. I will start updating from the new abode as and when we get the internet up and running – should be on Friday.

Thanks for your company.