So much dust!!!

Thursday November 19th, 2009 |Fiona

Well, we’ve had some fun the last couple of days. Norman came home and saw all the work that had been done in his 3 days absence… lots! It is amazing how quickly things all start to come together, especially after all the planning.

They drilled the rest of the outside holes into the house yesterday, linking the pipes in the ground up to the exit hole for each room – including ours. Have to say we were a bit cross, there was dust everywhere – and I’m gonna have to re-do some washing. Although the guy asked if we were ready, there was no mention about the amount of dust he would create – he didnt even put sheets up to protect our room… but he did on the outside!!! That was only going to the garden… another lesson learned!

Mind you, when Norman got into the groove of taking some of the blown plaster down when I had removed the wallpaper in the guest lounge, there was a lot of dust too (not nearly so much as in the bedroom, to be fair) but at least that is the worst wall stripped and ready for the plasterer… need to speak to our builder again tho, as that is a LOT more than we had discussed – we’d said around a couple of windows, not a whole wall! His suggestion has been to put boarding up, so we have a gap for ventilation – and hopefully to stop the damp returning – but which will prevent more dust and be a bit cheaper. So, had the radiator removed whilst the plumber was on site.

Meanwhile the rain continues to pour – but the stream does seem to be coping with this additional water – it did flow around the entrance to the sink under the yard last night, so I am less worried about it. However, one of the benefits of having to do a new soak away, is that the big digger is still here and means we get to use it for another couple of days, without the add-on delivery cost (it’s already here!) and we can get some drainage ditches dug. We went walkabout on Sunday before the sun disappeared to consider where it should go behind the house – it needs to link-up with the waterfall (really a decorative ditch with boulders in!) so that when we get this sort of water, it has somewhere else to go. Hope it helps! Depends on whether the big digger will sink into the soil or not – might have to wait another week before we can do that bit.

The dogs have been entertaining over the last couple of days – they do not like the drilling, so have been hiding under the kitchen table with Norman yesterday, and preferred to be in the barn today – there was drilling in the bedroom above it today, as well as outside… bless them, they will settle down. Checked with the vet today about anything we need to have done – worming needs doing again, but don’t need to take them in for that, but if we decide to put them in kennels whilst we’re away any time, they need to be updated with kennel cough, so have made an appointment for that this week… might have to bribe Beau into the car. He refused to get in yesterday when I went to choose the border tiles for the en-suites. Bonnie happily jumped in – she likes being in the car, and spends her time looking out the windows, although lies down when its a boring bit! Also got a quote for pet insurance, in case we ever need to have anything done for/to them… This pet-owning can be an expensive thing!

Enough for now.