What a howling wind…

Sunday November 22nd, 2009 |Fiona

Well, one thing is for certain – I will not need to go to the coast to get the cobwebs blown away, we had them done here! This weather has been astonishing. Not only has it howled around the house and yard, but there have been times when it has been difficult to retain my feet! Took some photos this morning, but they don’t do it justice. The sky does not look as menacing as it did in reality.

I was a bit cross on Wednesday, due to lack of sleep – because the chippies didn’t shut the barn door properly when they left, it’s banging woke me up again and again during the night. I was not going to go out in that pouring rain and howling wind at 2am for something which was only happening every hour or so, especially as I didn’t even know what it was that was banging! At least last night was a slight improvement – still windy but not quite such long gusts; and no banging barn door! Not sure Norman believed me till Sunday, when we had to dash to get to the house from the barn – and he fought to close the barn door!

The guys have gone great guns in the last few days. They have now put the plasterboard up in all the rooms, and have also skimmed with plaster all those walls now. The chippies have also finished building the area for the shower stalls… problematic when you don’t have 90° corners! Then the tilers will be onsite on Monday, to do their bit. The tiles and sanitary ware all got delivered on Thursday – barring a few things which would not fit in, so came on Friday. One of the surprises is that the wall in the living room which they dot and dabbed (terminology for dotting with plaster, then dabbing the plasterboard on – apparently!) looks amazing now – they have also skimmed it – what a transformation! We can get on and sand then paint it – when I’ve removed the wallpaper from one other wall, of course. Have done a small paint patch of the colour we like, to see if it can go on the remaining wallpaper and how it looks, although it did come out a bit dark, so we amended to a paler shade. Still the same type of creamy colour though.

We finally had the costings to date, with the additional bits we’ve added, plus where we have amended what our requirements are – like a particular type of shower head which entailed having pumps for each en-suite. Fortunately we saved quite a bit of money on the tiles, compared to what the builder had allowed for in his quote, which more or less covered the additional cost of things. So, although we have gone over the original estimate, we are still within budget. Phew!

The dogs continue to amuse me. They are great at playing together – sometimes the growling sounds a bit more serious, but mostly it’s part of the fun. They mainly play tag – or that’s what it looks like to me. Today I gave them one of the rubber bones – they were a bit sniffy about it, possibly due to the smell, but when they started to play with it, they were fun to watch. Mainly they are just fed up with the builders making so much noise. They are very nervy and twitchy dogs, so even when I make a noise with something in the kitchen, they both tend to leave the room. Beau is leaning his head on my foot whilst I type this now – under the table in the kitchen. They both tend to vie for the best place underneath… oh to be so popular!!!!

Well, we had some sheep delivered on Sunday – 25 of them. I think they are Shropshire sheep – need to check. They look right at home in the back field – and they seem to be chomping on the area which will be the camping section, so that’s fine! They have about 7 acres to chew around, so should be happy. We took the dogs on leads through the field, so they get used to them being there. They had sheep here before we came, but it was a reminder. Funnily enough, Beau walked around to be the other side of me from the sheep – they don’t like them it seems! We soon let them off the leads and they were fine – just walked in their normal way. So, things progress – and maybe something else to amuse me – and talk about here!