Work progresses

Thursday November 26th, 2009 |Fiona

The work has been progressing, albeit at a seemingly slow pace this last week, but it does progress. The tiler had to delay by a day due to previous commitments overrunning, so we had a Monday without anyone onsite – weird but enjoyable! However, the chippy was onsite on Tuesday morning to finish some work, plus reverse the opening to one of the bedroom doors; and he was the one who told me that the boss and the tiler would be a couple of hours yet (more like 3-4!). Anyway, the tiler has been working his way through the en-suites and will be back Friday to finish off the large bedroom. He had his instructions  to ensure he had the areas behind the towel rails done, as the electricians are onsite Friday to connect them! It’s amazing how quickly it all comes together when you have people working on it full-time.

The wind continued to play a part this week, very fierce gusts and strong gales, but with occasional downpours and some drizzle, then frequent glimpses of sunshine – for about 5 minutes then promptly disappears again; although sometimes leaves a rainbow. Norman got all excited the other day when he saw a complete arch, bless.

Our newly resident sheep have settled in nicely, well they’re not ours, but we’re renting the land. I had a panic on Tuesday, as I could not see them from any room in the house, nor from the gate to the field. Took the dogs for a walk and found them at the bottom of the hill, but within a dip… obviously found an area they were prepared to settle into, away from the wind. They seem to move around the field with no apparent reason… last time I looked today, they were back in the top corner. When I went to the gate to view them, one was very close to it, and watched me when I said hello, but as soon as they saw the dogs, the turned and sauntered away. Ah well, at least the grass is getting shortened!

We’ve had the prices for new windows on the front, so we have to make up our minds about going ahead, or whether we try and find them cheaper. The four we are replacing definitely need it, as they leak, and they have obviously got problems around the frames, as the plastering around each one has got damp – hence the reason for the dot and dab requirement in the lounge. Anyway, it means a bit of delay for that final bit, but means we will get a superb finish.

Sadly I have been a bit poorly this week, as I had a rattle in my chest last week and wondered if it might have been an allergy to the dogs – I’ve never had pets before – but it made its presence felt on Monday, then came out fully on Tuesday… has meant I have been below full output for 3 days. Even now I have the odd coughing fit, but I have been very good and pumped myself full of vitamins to help me fight it. Hopefully that effort will pay off and it will disappear as quickly as it came!

Martin, Norman’s son, is due to arrive on Saturday to help us with some of the work inside, this means we can make even greater progress over the coming two weeks, especially once the final bits are done by the builders.  The plan is for Norman and I to go shopping on Saturday afternoon, before we pick him up from the train station. We still need loads of bits and pieces… there’s only so much you can buy online without actually seeing it in the flesh, so to speak.

Ah well, will update again soon.