Happy New Year

Wednesday January 6th, 2010 |Fiona

Well, that’s another Christmas over and done with – sort of. Hubby’s kids are coming up with him tomorrow to have Christmas with us… at least that’s the plan. As they are down in Basingstoke, it might be a little difficult – depends on the thaw! I am giving them a shopping list for things that we will need, so I don’t have to venture out at all. Original plan was for me to go pick up Martin from Welshpool, but with no 4×4, it would be risky. Then Norman is off next week to do more work on the house.

During Christmas my Dad was helpful in getting some window frames painted, even though one is going to be replaced in January (weather permitting delivery, that is!) it made it rather nice for our drinks do for the neighbours, as well as when my family came to stay. They made sure the bathrooms were all tested – sadly some work needs doing still, as they have some teething problems. Seals not working, or not there at all, plus the toilets need some sorting. Generally snagging list being created for all those things which are not right.

The event for our neighbours was a great success. I reckon we had about 30 people turn up, spread over the afternoon and into the evening. Last ones left at 10.30pm, so having started at 3pm, it was a long old session. Glad we had plenty of drink in… it was great to see so many, most of whom we didn’t know, but now do! Plus, I am really proud, we introduced a neighbour to everyone, even though they had lived here for nearly 21 years!!! We plan on having something for the “launch” once we’re rated, so will get them all back. It was certainly a good event and we all enjoyed ourselves – plus people were generous with their welcome, including gifts! It was a great introduction to the community – and only neighbours, not the local village.

We had a quiet New Year too – Dad had forgotten what day it was, and I had to remind him when he said he was off to bed – so he stayed! We were not very late heading to bed either – not much after midnight, as we had more work to do getting ready for my sisters. Had to lay the carpet in the twin room, ready for Jackie, and get the bathrooms cleaned up enough for use – needed the dust removing from the towel rails especially. Then on Friday, she rang to see if we wanted anything bringing in – on Friday!!! Yikes, a day earlier than I thought! As it happens, the big room with the four-poster was as ready as it could be (barring the cleaning) so we put them in there instead of the twin. Meant Andrea had to go into twin, even though I had told her she would have the four-poster. As it happens, they moved into that when Jackie went home on Sunday!

Anyway, fun for us all for the days they were here – and we had a house full for the first time. All rooms occupied! The plumbing and hot water all seemed to work fine and not run out; but sadly, the seals were rubbish, so will need attention as mentioned, but new dining table and chairs worked well for dinner on Saturday, as well as cooked breakfast on Sunday – we tested everything out, including the toaster etc., which needs some looking at! Anyway, great practice!

Norman left at his usual time yesterday, but by the time we all got up proper, at 8am it had snowed, so instead of the leisurely breakfast planned, it was a quick bite and pack the car and they left by 9.30am. With their progress texts, I was able to gauge what the roads were like for the times they took – not bad all things considered, plus with snow and poor visibility on M42. Anyway, now that they are in Hampshire, they have lots more snow than us, but are grateful they left yesterday. They return to France on Monday, so hope things will improve a bit before then for their next stop heading south.

Today I have finished off the things we need to do to finalise the decorating in the twin room, then later I will get onto the back room. As both Vicky and Martin are here tomorrow, need to ensure I’ve done the painting on the lining paper early in the morning – so their rooms don’t smell. I know modern paints are “Breatheasy” on the can, you can still smell it faintly. Then it will need more furniture – but we need to go shopping for that, not even the internet would work right now – no-one’s delivering!!!

Anyway – that will do for now, need to get some dinner and back to papering after that. Ciao.