Sheep and mowers…

Tuesday September 28th, 2010 |Fiona

One of the things I have found highly amusing is the sheep. I know I have mentioned this before – and being a townie, I probably will again. Their owner often just tells me “…they’re sheep!” in answer to almost anything I ask. They do the daftest things: the lambs climb on top of the silage cage (their feeder) and almost anything which is higher than the ground (even on a tree stump!) – must be something to do with wanting a better view. They also amuse me when they are on their front knees eating grass… means their food is nearer, but it looks like lazy eating to me! The funniest thing was after the ewes had been sheared – the noise of the lambs and their mothers trying to find each other… was absolutely hilarious. Also meant that I could not tell them apart – but the greedy hungry ones are still pretty obvious.

We had our first quiet weekend last week since we opened, so as we had plans to be out on the Saturday evening, it meant we didn’t have to worry about guests arriving, or being away when they were coming or going. So a relaxed time – we even found the energy to dance a few times! We certainly weren’t slacking though – we cleared a bit more of the pond (when I say we, I really mean Norman – I only helped towards the end, when we were removing the weeds and grass, he did all the hard work of pulling it all loose!); we both then did sections of the hedging around the garden with the trimmer; I cut the lawn grass; and then we both attacked the area on one of the fields which had been dug for the soakaway and needed some grass seed. So hardly an inactive weekend, but we felt more relaxed being able to make a mess around the place. I know, most guests would not mind it – they can see we’re working, but I prefer it to be ready to receive guests rather than a work in progress.
We’ve had a few trials with mowers – there are far too many rocks in the ground, or should I say just buried under the ground, so the blades cannot cope. We had to get the petrol one fixed within a month of buying it, and the Flymo which is supposed to hover (the clue is in the title, right) didn’t last long either. Needs a new central part for the “blades” to be attached – they’re only plastic sections, but even so – expected it to cope more.
Ah well, we didn’t move to the country for an easy life, just a slightly easier one! Depends on your definition of easy, I suppose!