Spring in March?

Tuesday September 28th, 2010 |Fiona

It certainly has the hallmarks of Spring, but because we have had all sorts of weather since we arrived in October, including the worst snowy winter for over 20 years, I am a little sceptical that we are there just yet. The daffodils have poked their green shoots out of the ground, but no yellow buds yet, and the forsythia has sprouted its little yellow flowers – so the telling shoots of spring are definitely there.We have had some longed-for rain in the last few days – those quiet showers that continue for a bit to give the ground a drink. Nothing like the downpours we had in November. It was definitely needed and things are greening up nicely.

Sunsets continue to be spectacular and is one of the joys here – it’s a big sky, so they seem to be infinite…

The lambs and their mothers continue to entertain. The lambs seem to like climbing up the piles of earth around the stone barn – a bit like “I’m the king of the castle” type games, I think. They definitely josh for position on the top. We have been feeding the sheep daily, so taking the nuts to their troughs can be a challenge – they follow us to the troughs, rather than wait for us there – and then as soon as we pour into one, they barge us out of the way. The really funny thing is, they then follow me to the next trough, rather than eat what I have just put out. Then the next daft thing – they follow me towards the gate with the empty bucket!! So, rather than eat, they think they are going to miss something. How daft is that.

And yes, I know I sound like a townie – but that’s exactly what I am. There is definitely some simple pleasure in watching what happens with the animals. A real added bonus to being here…