The joy when the weather improves…

Tuesday September 28th, 2010 |Fiona

Although we need the rain to help the soil produce fresh grass for the animals, sunshine does make a lovely & beautiful place become an absolutely stunning one. It also encourages all the birds to sing their hearts out, even when they are busy making nests or even going through their courtship routines!

We joined about 100 other locals and visitors on a circular 4 mile walk during May, finishing off with a barbecue at the community centre. It was ideal walking weather – sunny and mild, but with a breeze to cool off the exertions. The views were spectacular from the hill fort above Dolanog; the image below to the right is almost from the top – looking south-east towards Gwaenynog.

A view back to Gwaenynog

This walk covered part of the Ann Griffiths route, so I can recommend to anyone who likes countryside settings, but with the occasional spectacular view. There are some steep bits, but mostly its a gradual incline.