Winter has arrived!

Monday November 22nd, 2010 |Fiona

I tried to persuade myself that the wet weather in November 2009 was a one-off, as well as believe the locals when they said that it was not normally that bad, but November 2010 has blown-in on a gale with some rain thrown in for good measure. So, not sure I am going to believe our neighbours in future! The difference this year is that we’ve done a lot of drainage work, which means the run-off is going down the stream and the channels we created – instead of going across the yard like last year!

Having said all that, the sheer delight I have on a crisp clear morning when I can hear and see the birds even better than usual, and hear the crunch of the frost under my feet – nothing quite beats it. So long as I wrap up warm, I can wander the field looking at grubs/insects and try and identify plants, or watch the antics of my dogs… there’s nothing better!

We had our very first four-legged guest recently – a little Jack Russell called Poppy. She seemed to like the accommodations, albeit with her own bedding and food/bowl, etc. She was good as gold – only time we heard her was when we took our two dogs out for a walk in the morning, and she obviously sensed/heard them, so woofed a bit! My two were curious about the new smells in their outdoor kennel, but didn’t give a hoot about the increased space and tidier decor in there (we’d tidied-up in anticipation of our guest!).

Something we always enjoyed before we moved was eating out. There are a great many places to choose from nearby, and we’ve sampled the majority. Two have stood out in particular – Seeds in Llanfyllin and The Walls in Oswestry. Both offer excellent cuisine and are housed in unusual buildings – see our “Eating out” download on our website, under Food, for more info and details and their addresses.

And I couldn’t finish without mentioning Christmas and New Year. We are open, so if you fancy a getaway break, why not join us..? See our Food page for greater details on what we’re offering… Or we can put together a package just for you should you want to take over all 3 of our rooms. It is certainly a magical place – although I cannot guarantee snow!

Hwyl am y tro

(Bye for now, I think!)