February 2013 – new beginnings

Saturday March 2nd, 2013 |Fiona

One of the things I have wanted to do since we moved here is create a wildflower meadow. Most of the land is used by the sheep, and the rest is woodland. So, when we had to rearrange the entrance, it gave us a chance to clear away some scrubby-weed-filled space, and we now have some space to create a meadow! I know, it’s going to take some time before it’s as pretty as the box of seeds, but at least now there’s a space.


The first picture of the wildflower area (can’t call it a meadow yet!) is from a while ago, and obviously before we dug it over and with the previous fencing, which was mostly rotten and has been replaced and moved so as to widen the drive entrance. The next one is when the digger arrived to sort it all out – it was pretty wild and scrubby ground, as you can see. (I apologise for the quality of that picture, as it was windy and raining when I took it!) As you can see, the ground is pretty empty, but hopefully over the coming months you should see a transformation at the entrance. I will keep you updated on the progress. We shall also be planting some daffodils and snowdrops at the entrance, so next year it will be more attractive and welcoming.

We’ve also been pretty busy putting in more fencing and creating an access road to the side of our big barn. Until now you could only reach the back of the barn by driving through it, but now we have access and pens made for working with the animals. We also took the opportunity to include some drainage, as the downpipes went straight into the soil… Over the coming weeks we will add a topping to this area, so that it remains drained and with a decent working surface.

So, it’s been fortunate that we’ve been quiet with the B&B, whilst we get this work done. However it just goes to show you, that we’re still constantly doing things around the place.

The weather has been very kind to us again in the last week or so of February, so maybe March will be like 2012 – sunny, bright and dry. I’ll keep you posted.