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Saturday April 23rd, 2016 |Fiona

Some new things for Gwaenynog

We’re always looking for new ideas and to update and improve what we do here at Gwaenynog… so here are a few recent changes we’ve made:

Ploughman platterPlatters

Not a particularly original idea by us, but we had such a lovely ploughman’s platter when visiting somewhere over the winter that we decided it was something we could also offer. Take a look over at our website for more details. We’ll send you this option for you to consider with the confirmation details. Just let us know in plenty of time… (The photo shows an example of a Ploughman’s Platter.)

Owl Bedroom

Accepting Dogs – this room is now Dog Friendly!

Owl bedroom, Gwaenynog

Owl bedroom, Gwaenynog

We’ve decided to make one room available for guests to bring their well-behaved dogs with them. Obviously we have to be careful with other guests and allergies, as well as how they behave if they’ve been on a muddy walk – we do have cream carpets, as you know! So there are a few strict rules when they’re here, but as we love our own 2 woofers so much, we thought we’d give it a try…. Take a wander over to the website and have a look at those rules. We look forward to welcoming your four-legged companions soon! (Please note, this is for a trial period only and may be withdrawn at short notice if there are problems. Remember, only Owl is available and is the room which must be booked for bringing a dog.)

In Room Fridge

Most of you will know that we have a fridge on the landing, which is for use exclusively by our guests, but one thing we thought might enhance our Owl bedroom would be to have a silent mini fridge in there. It’s the only room which truly has enough space to fit one, so it just encourages you to book our best room! We can also arrange for a platter to be there for your return after a day out… see here for more details.


AND– we’ve extended our 25% off deal for 3 or more nights until the end of June (excluding drinks, meals and bank holidays). So even more excuse to come back to Mid Wales. (The system does all the calculations for us.) Click here to check availability and to book!

And finally…Cream tea

As the weather has been absolutely stunning in the last week or so – just as if it was summer already – we’ve added cream teas as an option for afternoons, just let us know before you come! You can choose to have it in the garden, as our furniture is out and ready to be used, in the guest lounge – or even in Owl bedroom.


So, we look forward to welcoming you back! 

Regards, Fiona & Norman

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