Spring is in the air…

Monday March 6th, 2017 |Fiona

Spring is in the air…

Albeit interspersed with snow, sleet and sun – but that’s part of the fun of living in Wales. There are lots of things in our planning phase, including decoration, refurbishments in our barns, as well as additional facilities for campers and weddings.

Do you have a significant birthday coming up, or looking for venue for an off-site meeting? We have lots of options available to you and we still have some availability for either weddings or events this year – just give us a call to discuss.


Spring-time Offer

And finally, we’re offering 3for2 at the moment for Spring – which is a great deal. You stay for 3 nights and only pay for 2… Bargain! Go to the website to check availability and to book securely online – scroll down, pick your dates and search.

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a longer stay, we’re offering 5for3. So, come and stay for the week and benefit hugely. We’ve had lots of guests come and stay for longer, as we’re in the great position of an hour or so from the coast, just over an hour to the north of Wales – plus we’re only an hour from Chester or 50 minutes from Shrewsbury, so you can consider us the centre of a wheel of opportunities.

Both these are available exclusively on our website. Some conditions apply.


You can always see what availability there is, either in the B&B or on the campsite, from our website. Just head to this page for the B&B and here for the campsite, enter your date in the box and follow the instructions.


Things to do when you’re here…

Devil’s BridgeThe three bridges

According to legend the Devil himself visited Ceredigion in the 11th century after hearing about its breathtaking scenery. While there, he struck a bargain with a local woman whose cow was stranded across the river. In a bid to buy her soul, the devil said he’d build her a bridge in exchange for the soul of the first living thing that crossed it.

When the bridge was built the woman threw a loaf of bread across it which her dog then chased.

The Devil was never seen in Wales again, too embarrassed at being outwitted by the old lady.

In the village of Devil’s Bridge today there are three crossings across the river. The oldest is said to have been built by Satan himself. One hour and fifteen minutes from us.

Cadair IdrisRelated image

One of Wales’ most iconic peaks, standing in southern Snowdonia, its name directly translates as Idris’ Chair in reference to the mythical giant who once used the mountain as his throne.

There are numerous stories and legends associated with the mountain and Idris.

A few of the nearby lakes – such as Tal-y-llyn – are reputed to be bottomless, and those who venture up the mountain at night should take heed before sleeping on its slopes. It is said that those who sleep on the mountain will awaken either as a madman, a poet or, indeed, never wake again. One hour and eight minutes from us. 

King Arthur’s Labyrinth, Corris

King Arthur's Labyrinth

This old slate mine has been imaginatively transformed into a subterranean storytelling attraction. You climb on-board with a mysterious hooded boatman, and navigate the vast caverns and passages, while he spins yarns about Arthurian legend and Welsh folk tales. It’s all enjoyable hokum, and there’s a good craft centre back above ground. Just 50 minutes from us.

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