B&B Farmhouse Breakfast Ordering

As part of the new way of doing things because of Covid, this page is the breakfast ordering form for re-opening for the Bed & Breakfast. We will be serving in our dining room on a staggered time basis.

Any campers wanting to order breakfast should order via the Camper Breakfast page here.

Farmhouse Breakfast Ordering

This is the form used for ordering breakfasts whilst staying in the B&B.
  • Please give your room name
  • This is to send confirmation
  • Please choose your preferred sitting time of: 8am, 8.30am, 9am or 9.30am. This is new, as we need to space each guest-sitting to accommodate social distancing. Thank you. (Also, if you're here for more than one night, which morning you're ordering for...)
    NB: The fruit compote and yogurt is served separately
    (Just leave blank if you don't want it!)
    (Just leave blank if you don't want it!)
    (Just leave blank if you don't want it!)
    We will serve this to you.
    Let us know if you want a refil.
  • Please let us know here if you have any food allergies or things you cannot eat. Thanks.