Drinks & Wine

We’ve tried to have a choice of regions and types of grape in our picks for wines, so we hope you find something to appeal. The majority are supplied via Tanners, which is a local wine merchant and have an exceptional reputation. This is our 2020 list, but we may not always have everything available.

Red Wine

1      Pato Torrente Merlot (Chile)                                                               £13.50

From Valle Central region in Chile this wine is medium bodied. Supple and rounded with flavours of cherry, plum and coffee bean.

2      De Alto Rioja Cosecha (Spain)                                                             £14.00

Beautifully balanced with succulent red berry fruit laced with vanilla, cassis, cherry, plum, raspberry and hints of mocha and liquorice. The De Alto Rioja is a deep ruby red colour with hints of black. The acidity is nicely pronounced, mixing nicely with the sweet fruits. A well balanced and rounded wine.

2      Pato Torrente Cabernet Sauvignon                                                     £13.50

A perfect new world Chilean Cabernet with juicy blackcurrant fruit and a chocolatey palate with hints of plums.

3      Shiraz Auction House                                                                         £13.50

A deep purple coloured red wine. Blackberry and liquorice with a cracked pepper spice overtone on the nose. Rich and rounded with soft tannins on the palate.

4      The Waxed Bat Malbec                                                                                £15

A complex Malbec, carefully integrated with Shiraz & Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, creating a powerful wine with bags of ripe fruit.


White Wine

1      Amori Prosecco (Italy)                                                                        £14.00

Bright Aromas of pears, apples and peaches are followed by more of the same on the palate. A superb sparkling wine from North eastern Italy.

2      Amori Pinot Grigio (Italy)                                                                    £13.50

From Terre Siciliane: A crisp, dry, lightly floral character and a honeyed note on the finish.

3      Pato Torrente Chardonnay                                                                  £13.50

From the wonderful Valle Central region of Chile this is a classy Chardonnay, with mouthwatering lemon fruit and a deliciously crisp, lime edge.

4      Pato Torrente Sauvignon Blanc                                                           £13.50

Originating from Valle Central in Chile, this wine is crisp, dry and light in body, with fragrant floral tones and subtle honeyed fruit.


House Rosé Wine

Amori Pinot Grigio Blush (Italy)                                                                        £13.50

A copper pink rosé from Northern Italy’s Venezie region with gently fragrant summer fruits on the nose and delicate strawberry fruit on the palate. Fruitily off-dry.

We also offer wine by the glass at £3.50 per 175ml glass.


Beer/Cider – Bottles/Cans

1      Carling Lager 4% (440ml can)                                                               £3.20

2      Guinness Surger (520ml) (Draft 4.10% Guinness Equivalent)                 £3.60

3      Kopparberg Cider 4% (Strawberry & Lime or Mixed Berries)                  £3.60

4      Thatchers Gold (500ml bottle)                                                              £3.60

5      Corona Lager 4.5% (325ml bottle)                                                         £3.40

6      Station Bitter Ale 3.9%                                                                         £3.40

7      Black Sheep Ale 4.4% (500ml bottle)                                                     £3.20

8      Doom Bar Ale 4.3% (500ml bottle)                                                        £3.20

9      Spitfire Ale 4.5% (500ml bottle)                                                            £3.20

10    Hobgoblin Ale 5.5%                                                                              £3.40

11    St Miguel Zero (Alcohol free)                                                                 £3.00

12    Heineken 0.00%                                                                                   £3.00

13    Magners Cider 4.5%                                                                              £3.60

14    Strongbow                                                                                            £3.20

15    Kelly Point 4.4%                                                                                   £3.20

16    American Pale Ale Brewdog (GF) 4.5%                                                   £3.20

17    Blue WKD                                                                                             £3.00

Other or Soft Drinks

1      Fanta Orange/Coke/Pepsi/7up/Sprite/Diet Pepsi (325ml can)              £1.00

2      Schweppes Tonic (150ml can)                                                               £1.00

3      Schweppes American Dry Ginger Ale (150ml can)                                  £1.00

4      Fever Tree Mixers, Tonic/Light                                                            £1.25

5      Orange Juice (175ml By the glass)                                                        £1.20

6      Lemonade/Coke/Diet Coke (By the glass)                                             £1.00

7      Splash (Lime, Orange or Blackcurrant)                                                     30p

8      J2O, all flavours (275ml bottle)                                                             £2.00

9      Tea or Coffee                                                                                        £2.00

10    Highland Spring Water – Still/Sparkling                                                £1.00

11    Red Bull 250ml can                                                                              £1.50

12    Squash or Soda, by the ½pint glass                                                          50p


During the summer months, we may be able to offer draft beers and ciders.

Spirits (25ml measures)

STANDARD SPIRITS: All £2.70 for 25mls (unless otherwise stated) – Doubles +£1.30 = (£4)
Smirnoff Vodka/Bacardi/Disaronno Baileys & Pimms (50ml) Bombay Sapphire/Gordons Gin
Dark Rum: Lambs/Captain Morgan Havana Club Rum

Spiced Rum: Sailor Jerry/Kraken Captain Morgan

Port & Sherry (50ml):

Tanners Fine Ruby Port

Fletchers Ruby/Tawny Port

Harveys Bristol Cream


Ceders (Sweden) – £2.70

Seedlip (UK) – £3.30


Famous Grouse/Teachers Whisky

Drambuie/Southern Comfort

Kahlua/Tia Maria/Malibu Cointreau/Aperol Jack Daniels



PREMIUM RUM/WHISKY: £3.50/£4 as marked below for 25mls – Doubles +£2.50 = (£6/£6.50)
Single Malt Whisky: (£3.50)

Penderyn Welsh Gold Whisky

10/12yr old Single Malt Scotch Whisky: Glenmorangie/Glenfiddich/Glenlivet

Edinburgh Castle Whisky

Premium Rum: (£3.50)

Woods Navy Rum(57% abv) Pussers Gunpowder Proof Navy Rum (54.5% abv)

Old Monk Rum (40%)

Premium Rum: (£4)

Pussers Navy Rum – Aged 15yrs (40% abv)

Walter Hicks (71% abv)

Bundaberg 125 (37%abv)


PREMIUM GIN/VODKA/PORT/BRANDY: £3.50 for 25mls – Doubles +£2.50 = (£6)
London Dry Gins:

Bloom/Brokers/Little Bird (London)

Rhubarb/Raspberry/Marmalade gins:

Warner Edwards Rhubarb Gin

Aber Falls Rhubarb & Ginger (Wales)

Aber Falls Orange & Marmalade (Wales)

Whitley Neill Raspberry Gin

Warner Edwards Rhubarb Gin

Small Batch & Local Gins:

Brecon Gin (Wales)

Monty’s Dark Secret (Wales)

Da Mhile Seaweed (Wales)

Da Mhile Botanical (Wales)

Hibernation Gin (Wales)

Pollination Gin (Wales)

Henstone (Shropshire)

Premium Vodka

Absolut Blue Vodka

Finest Reserve Port: £3.30

Dow’s Master Blend, Finest Reserve (50mls)

Tanners LBV (50mls)

Martell Brandy


Note: We’re very happy for you to bring your own drinks for consumption in your room, the lounge or outside on the patio. However, if you decide to consume your own drink in the dining room when eating with us, there will be a corkage charge.