Thirsty Thursday Specials!!! From 8pm

This week’s Specials – all from £6 each is: Cornish Pasties (pre-order needed) / Pizzas

Thirsty Thursday! at Gwaenynog is a regular PUB NIGHT on Thursdays from 8pm which attracts many locals, but is also open to B&B/Campsite guests, plus other tourists staying at local accommodation.

Its a very SPECIAL NIGHT offering “SPECIAL PRICES” on both food and drinks served from the Dutch Barn bar – ordered as a Takeaway for guests to choose where to consume their meals: Either in your B&B Room/Camping Pitch/Local Accommodation, or else in the Dutch Barn/Marquee/Outdoor picnic tables.  (Just let us know if you want it served in a takeaway box, or on a china plate/bowl if eating in the barn/marquee/picnic tables).

SPECIAL PRICE DRINKS on all DRAFT & BOTTLED BEER & CIDER: @ £3.30 per pint/bottle

SPECIAL PRICE MEALS from our SPECIALS Menu (See the SPECIALS ABOVE which will be updated each Sunday for the following Thursday); SPECIAL MEALS just £6 plus sides (if you want them) – a reduced price to our normal takeaway options:  (NB: Only the Thursday SPECIAL is available on Thursdays to keep things simple on a normally busy night). Serving from 8pm.

SPECIAL MEALS we will offer are from a rotating one-pot/special meal for you to “eat around the world” e.g.:

  • Indian Curry
  • British Cornish Pasties/Gourmet Pies (Pre-order needed)
  • Mexican Chilli
  • Italian Pizza/Lasagne/Risotto
  • Thai Curry
  • Spanish Paella/Tapas
  • Central American Jambalaya
  • Malaysian Curry/Nasi Goreng

The order form below splits your order into the basic offering, eg. chilli – then the first accompaniment adds something like rice, chips or jacket potato (depending on what the special is!) and the side order could be Nachos with Chilli; Naan/Poppadum/flat bread with a curry; or peas/mushy peas/baked beans with a pasty/pie… I think you get the idea. Just order whichever you want and we’ll prepare it for your preferred time. (Please bear with us when we’re busy!).

Our plan is to have one of these available for each week, just order ahead and pay when you order your first drink. Or else order from your table when you get here if you don’t mind a short wait. NB: Some specials such as Pasties & Pies take longer to cook than pizzas, or ‘one pot’ meals like Chilli/Curry.  So if you haven’t booked a slot in advance, you might need to have a drink or two whilst we cook your meal (no hardship there at these SPECIAL PRICES!!!). Don’t worry – pizzas will always be a back up should we run out! 

VEGGIE/VEGAN OPTIONS:  We will always offer small numbers of an alternative version of each SPECIAL. So, book early!!!

See you there at the next “Thirsty Thursday” SPECIALS NIGHT!!!

Thirsty Thursday Specials

Thirsty Thursday Specials order and pay form

  • Please enter your name
  • Please state which Thursday you are ordering for
  • We will endeavour to accommodate, but please bear with us during busy periods.
  • Price: £ 6.00
    See what's on this week at the top of this page! This is for the basic special, without accompaniements
  • Price: £ 7.50
    So, this is for rice with the chilli, or chips with the pasty - see what's on this week at the top of this page.
  • Price: £ 8.50
    For example, with a curry we'd have poppadum's and with the pasty we'd serve peas/mushy peas
  • Let us know here if you have any allergies or specific requirements. Also what flavour pizza, or which sides: Marguerita or Pepperoni Pizza. Garden Peas or Mushy Peas
  • £ 0.00
  • This is to email your order confirmation