Sustainable, ethical, eco-friendly, responsible: all are common words associated with being green. However, we think they describe the use of common sense on protecting the environment we live in, in whatever way we can.

In the past we’ve received a Green Tourism Silver Award in recognition of the measures that we’ve taken to improve our carbon footprint and reduce our consumption of energy, as well as how we run our business, which is part of a national scheme of accredited businesses.

The following is a list of some of the things that we do at Gwaenynog:

  • Buying as much locally sourced produce as possible. This reduces our travelling, and therefore our fuel consumption, plus supports the local community.
  • Have a towel policy in all the bathrooms – we will only change every 7 days or with each guest (of course!) unless they leave in the shower for us to change, which is exceptional.
  • Buying Fairtrade for any product, whenever possible.
  • Using ecological cleaning products
  • Fitting energy saving bulbs into as many lights as possible, when due for replacement.
  • Buying recycled products for all of our stationery, whenever possible or practical.
  • Collecting rainwater from the roof into butts, for watering the garden.
  • Composting all organic matter, where feasible.
  • Making full use of Powys kerbside collection to recycle all paper, cardboard, plastics, foil etc. And recycle glass to local points.
  • Monitoring energy, water use and waste on a regular basis.

Obviously as things become more widely available, or within a reasonable cost, we will switch to the greener products over time.