Gwaenynog Environmental Policy


  • We have done a fair amount of things to enhance the wildlife in our garden – feeding the birds is a pleasure, as well as necessary for them, especially during hard winters; plus water during dry months, for them to drink or bathe in.
  • We try and avoid using too many chemicals in the garden, and then only when necessary or with something which will cause little or no harm.
  • There are some fallen branches and logs in our woodland areas which are very attractive to the wildlife – but most wood at Gwaenynog is used either in firepits on the campsite or by us in our biomass boiler which supplies heating and hot water to both the farmhouse and campsite – so recycling!


  • We recycle as much as possible: Powys County Council collect hard plastics, paper, cardboard, food & drink cans, and food waste. To help you help us with recycling we’ve added a recycling bin on the landing where you can put everything except food waste. Alternatively, it would help us if you left these recyclables beside the bin in your room. As we also recycle all food waste, please ask if you have any and we will provide you with a green food recycling bag. We always recycle any excess from our cooking – either by feeding birds, or through the council recycling collection / our own external compost bin.


  • There is a towel and bed linen policy, as per the notice in the bathrooms. Automatically we change these every 7 days (and with each new guest arrival, of course!) unless asked for a more frequent change. Any towels placed in the shower will get changed for fresh ones.
  • We try to use environmentally friendly cleaning and laundry products, especially due to having our own sewage treatment tank. Please only put toilet paper down the toilets to avoid blockages.  All other items should either be put in the bins provided or sanitary bags located in the ensuite showers rooms.
  • We have our own water supply from a borehole, but please be considerate with usage to preserve resources – so please don’t leave the tap running when brushing teeth, for example.
  • Please turn off lights when not in use. We are using bulbs with low energy wattage in all guest rooms.
  • We try and shop locally as much as possible, especially our local butcher who sources all meat from within 15miles of his shop at Llanfair Caereinion!


  • As mentioned, we need to ask everyone to be considerate over what they put down the toilet – as our system cannot cope with anything more than toilet paper! So, no sanitary towels, nappies, teabags, or facial wipes, for example.