We are often asked where to buy our breakfast and evening meal ingredients, who supplies our bathroom toiletries, and generally where can guests buy the things they have enjoyed using at our B&B, so we thought it a good idea to list them.


Breakfast meatsRichard Williams, Pandy Butchers, Llanfair Caereinion
01938 810671

Bacon, lamb steaks, pork chops, Black pudding, Sausages.
Richard makes his own sausages, and they're very popular.
Pillows & Duvets
We have the luxury microfibre pillows and mattress toppers, as well as the all the winter duvets.

The summer duvets are Fogarty and come from Dunelm Mill. Once again, they are microfibre.
Beds in Peregrine
We're often complimented on the comfort of our beds, but in particular the ones in Peregrine.

The range we have is called Windsor, and to help - we bought ours from Peter Green in Reading, back in 2009; although Peter Green have since closed down. (The company may have had a fair few enquiries from our past visitors to Peregrine room!)