A little history

Gwaenynog was once referred to as a township, as locals from nearby hamlets and some smaller farms used the mill which was located here – powered by a small horse or donkey – and to visit the brewery which was apparently here too. The mill is now mostly gone and the remains are derelict, but is a possible future project – when time and funds permit.

Gwaenynog 1987 outside and front

During 1987 renovation

The house has seen some major changes in its lifetime. It’s believed to date from the mid 1600’s, when it was a simple one-up one-down dwelling, and has seen some obviously large extensions – from both the 1700’s and 1800’s, although it’s not clear when these extensions were built – they were significant, in that it doubled in size, then doubled again. Sadly, the house became disused, and eventually derelict (see picture right), between 1954 and 1986; at which point the family who owned it decided to renovate and then live in it – this was quite a task, as it needed a new roof and rafters, as well as all new windows, the installation of electrics and also central heating. The final small additions were also done then, when the front and rear porches were added. This then completes the house to what it is today. We have since added all the en-suites, of course, in 2010 when it became a Bed & Breakfast.

As part of a much larger working farm, with well over 200 acres in times past, Gwaenynog now has 16 acres of pasture, woodland and marshland. We have a variety of visiting wildlife, including foxes and badgers, plus weasels and polecats; there’s even been evidence of otters down in the wetland area.

The birdlife is varied too, from Barn and Tawny Owls, Peregrines and Sparrowhawks, plus a lot of common garden birds like Blue Tits, Nuthatches and Goldfinches, through to some that are now less common – like sparrows. Watching them feed from the house has become a pleasure for us and our guests.

I am delighted to report that we have now seen Red Kites in our area, so as we have some very tall pines, maybe they will move in. We’ll keep you posted.