Accessibility Statement

Whilst we welcome everyone at Gwaenynog, we are unable to provide a downstairs bedroom or accommodate guests who are unable to use the stairs. Any questions or concerns please just call or email; we are more than happy to assist.

House Layout

  • The house is on two levels; ground and first floors. There is one step, up into the porch, and then it is level into the front hall. The porch has a tiled floor, with a raised doormat. There are 13 steps to the first floor, which are 78 cm wide and 19 cm high. There is a single handrail banister on the left side all the way up to the top. All 3 bedrooms are upstairs. The ground floor is level throughout, apart from at the entrance porch as stated. The staircase is a standard modern stair that is not too steep, and solid.
  • There is ample parking available near the barns, approx 30 yards away, which is across the concrete yard along the concrete path to the front of the house.


  • We do not allow pets in the house.
  • We have one dog of our own, Beau, and he has access within the house in our private lounge. However, he is not permitted into the kitchen whilst preparing or eating of food, nor does he have access to the guest areas of the house.
  • He is very friendly – a Springer Spaniel/Collie crossbreed and loves having visitors. He’s very sociable and likes to say hello and get a fuss, but at over 14 yrs old, he’s not very active. If guests advise about any fears, or have dog allergies we will ensure the dogs are kept away whilst you are staying with us. Any severe allergies, we suggest we’re not the right place – as I cannot guarantee no dog hair!
  • Due to cat allergies within the family, we do not own cats, nor would we allow them in the house because of this.


  • Menus and welcome information is available in each room.
  • Cordless kettles are available in all rooms, as well as televisions with Freeview and integral DVD players. The televisions in the room are equipped with subtitles.
  • The bedrooms all have locks and guests are provided with a key to the room, as well as a front door key to come and go freely.
  • Each bedroom has a main ceiling light, controllable from the door and by the beds via a pull cord. There are also touch control bedside lamps on each side of the bed. Each room has a wind-up torch, in the event of a power cut.
  • All the duvets and pillows are made of a synthetic filling, suitable for everyone.
  • All rooms are equipped with en-suite shower rooms.
  • Heating is via central heating to radiators in each room, but which is locally adjustable. There are also hot water bottles in each room.
  • Each bedroom has a drinks tray, including tea, coffee, herbal teas and hot chocolate makings, with biscuits and assorted sweets.

Other Information

  • We do use nuts in the kitchen, so people with nut or other allergies of this nature should be aware – let us know if this applies to you so we can ensure we take this into account and amend our activities to keep you safe during your stay.
  • We can supply soya milk, decaffeinated coffee or tea, plus some other alternatives, upon request. Please advise prior to your arrival.
  • The entire house is non-smoking.
  • Three, Orange and Vodafone mobile phones can be used upstairs in the house, with some limitations due to the thick walls, or there is almost full coverage outside, but there is limited or no coverage for other networks either in or outside the house.
  • A cordless telephone handset on the house phone can be made available for guests to use upon request, for all reasonable calls.