Covid 19 – Bed & Breakfast

COVID-19 Guest Information – STAY SAFELY Policy (July/August 2020 onward):

Our own health is obviously just as important to us as the health of our guests, so please rest assured that we will rigidly apply our ‘STAY SAFELY’ policy detailed below:  

The following information details the additional measures taken here at Gwaenynog Farmhouse to ensure that our guests and ourselves stay safely during this unprecedented COVID19 pandemic (up until all restrictions are removed by the UK & Welsh Governments). This policy will be in force  once the UK and Welsh Governments designate that its safe enough for B&B’s and Campsites to open for business. Even in that situation, we are going to be extra careful to ensure we minimise the possibility of any infections being transmitted on our property.

AA Covid Confident by Rated TripsAs your hosts its first of all very important that you can trust that we are Covid-secure. To reassure you on that point we have both taken advantage of the COVID vaccine, and have rarely ventured outside of Gwaenynog since March 2020, with only very limited shopping trips to local food/DIY shops. We mostly use home deliveries for our needs, and have spent our time adding new facilities to ensure we can offer a safe experience to our guests when allowed. We are comfortably able to do all this because we are so lucky to live at beautiful Gwaenynog Farmhouse, within our own remote, private valley which includes 16 acres of pasture and woodland. We are well supported by local businesses with deliveries of food and other supplies direct to our door.

So, having ensured that we are able to serve you during your break, we will then adopt further measures to ensure our home and yourselves stay safely as follows:

  1. We monitor closely and adhere to all UK Government, Public Health, and World Health Organization guidance for the accommodation sector and food businesses.[1]
  2. We always pay particular attention to our cleaning and hygiene regimes but have introduced a series of enhanced measures to keep our guests and us well:
  • Enhanced cleaning and disinfecting housekeeping regime in public and guest areas both during your stay and between guests.
  • Revised reception and payment procedures to ensure social distancing is maintained.
  • Installation of hand sanitizer gel in the front porch, and within the guest lounge, for guests to use during mealtimes, and when you enter/leave the farmhouse.
  • Location of disinfectant spray and cloths in guest rooms for guest use during your stay (if required for your additional reassurance).
  • Revised Eating Routines for your safety: Breakfast and Evening Meals will be served as follows:
    • Removal of the normal self-serve breakfast buffet; replaced by all items being served direct to your table/room. This includes:[2]
      • Individual portions of yogurt, cereals, toast, jams and condiments (Jams & condiments will be held within a container personalised only for your use during your stay, and emptied, disinfected and cleaned between guests).
      • All drinks served to table including personal jugs of milk, juice, water, plus tea/coffee, and also alcoholic drinks with lunch/dinner.
    • Enhanced cleaning of all tables and chairs used by each guest; with all furniture cleaned immediately after guests have vacated their table. Our tables and chairs are all able to be wiped-down, as they’re not made of fabric.
    • Cleaning of all reusable containers described above between services. (We will keep all these items marked for only your use during your stay).
    • Revised table setting arrangements: only one table for guests at any one time – with staggered eating times.
    • Staggered eating times to remove any overlap, to stop guests being in the dining room at the same time.
    • If preferred we can ensure even further separation by serving meals as room service, within our Bar in the Dutch barn/marquee, or outside on the patio (weather permitting of course!).
  • Enhanced checks of dishwashing, cleaning and laundry equipment.
  • Electronic guest information sent to all guests – instead of in-room folders, we’ve created an online folder to include COVID-19 related information. We will be removing the leaflets from the porch, although the electronic guest information does include all the relevant links for local information and great places to visit.
  • New electronic form for breakfast ordering… We’ve always used a breakfast form, but we will now take them via online. So, you can do this ahead of your arrival, or once you’re here.
  • Earlier checkout and later check-in times, due to additional cleaning requirements. We’ve kept this to as short as possible, so rather than 11am checkout, we ask for 10.30am checkout, and check-in not before 16.30pm, instead of 16.00; this gives us an extra hour for all the additional cleaning.
  1. Improved Management of guest bookings to ensure that guests health is checked both before and after their stay at Gwaenynog.
  • As a condition of booking this will entail guests confirming their health status relevant to the published COVID19 Symptoms.
  • We will maintain a specific action plan in the event of a sick guest or host with COVID19 symptoms within two weeks of leaving the establishment, enhanced by the UK/Wales track and trace systems.
  • Retention of guest contact details – but only to enable contact tracing, should this be required.
  • If you or any of your household are notified as a close contact & therefore have to self isolate, or if you experience COVID-19 symptoms such as a high temperature, a new persistent cough, or a change to your sense of taste or smell, we must ask that you do NOT travel to us, follow government guidance and contact us immediately to reschedule your visit.

NB: The only shared areas within the Farmhouse are the entrance porch, hallway, stairs, and guest lounge/dining room; so, we believe the above procedures will facilitate a ‘STAY SAFELY’ program for everyone. However, if you have any particular health concerns that mean you prefer to have exclusive use of our B&B during your stay, please let us know. We will facilitate such requests whenever possible, especially for a large family group or bubble, so just get in touch.


[1]  &

[2] Although some consumers perceive there is a risk of COVID-19 infection resulting from open food displays, there is currently no scientific evidence suggesting that food is associated with transmission of the COVID-19 virus.