Hero Offers…

‘HERO’ Discounts of up to 40% apply to NHS, CARE & Charity Workers, plus Armed Forces Veterans:

ALL accommodation prices are discounted as shown below (NOT including Bank Holidays):

(NB: Weekend = Friday – Sunday;  Midweek = Mon – Thursday.)

Discounts (Oct – Mar) :  40% midweek & 30% Weekend

Discounts (Apr – Sept):  25% midweek & 10% Weekend

The system will work this out for you… just head to our booking page and use the discount codes below – see picture for where it needs to go.

Hero 10 = Fri-Sun bookings (Mar – Aug)

Hero 25 = Mon-Thu bookings (Mar – Aug)

Hero 30 = Fri-Sun bookings (Sep – Mar)

Hero 40 = Mon-Thu bookings (Sep – Mar)

Then head to our booking page for the B&B or here for the campsite. 


(Please note, we will need to see your relevant ID or Veterans badge/card for each booking. Plus this is subject to availability and does not include Bank Holidays. Any bookings including bank holidays will be priced at the normal rate.)

NOTE: See also our HERO Discounts of 20% off Weddings at Gwaenynog in liaison with our partners at Shindig